Higher Education in India: The Changing Scenario

Higher Education in India The Changing Scenario

Higher Education in India: The Changing Scenario by S. L. Sharma (Editor), B. S. Ghuman (Editor), Shital Parkash (Editor)

Higher education in India has undergone a phenomenal transition in the past two decades. It has acquired unprecedented growth of private institutions, a salient proliferation of technical and professional disciplines, increasing use of information and communication technology, and expanding global linkages. As a result, critical concerns have developed regarding its commercialization, unequal access, declining quality, and low global ranking. This book provides an in-depth analysis of such trends and the emerging issues. In particular, it focuses on the upsurge of private enterprise in education and its repercussions on the access and quality of higher education. The book also offers a roadmap for promoting quality education in India with a competitive edge.

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