Exam Hall Tips for UGC NET


NTA UGC NET Exam Hall Tips

You must keep the following tips and tricks on the UGC NET Examination Day:

1. Easy to difficulty method

The difficulty level of questions in the question paper is different. In my point of view, the best way to solve the questions is from easy to difficult level. Firstly, make sure you have solved all easy questions according to you then move to difficult ones

2. Use the marker

I used the marker in my all attempts and it was really successful as I qualified NTA-UGC-NET in multiple subjects. You have to mark the questions you really don’t know the answer about and solve these questions al last by thinking right answer deeply with your all experiences as you have attempted all answers you know well.

3. Secret of attention

 Whether the question paper is easy or tough, don’t lose your attention. Check thoroughly whether you have attempted all the questions. If not, do it faster. 


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