LEARNING AND TEACHING by S.K. MANGAL (Author, Editor), SHUBHRA MANGAL (Author), SHIPRA (Contributor), MEKRISO (Illustrator)

This book is intended to acquaint the teachers with the essentials of such learning and teaching. Beginning with throwing light on the concept of learning and teaching, it discusses all essentials about the development of the learners; approaches to learning including constructivism perspective; role of teacher in a teaching-learning context; and the intelligence, overall personality development and adjustment of the learners resulted through the process of teaching-learning. With the vast coverage of the subject, the book may prove useful to pre-service and in-service teachers and researchers in universities and teacher education institutes.

Quality Management in Higher Education

quality management in higher education

Quality Management in Higher Education by Marmar Mukhopadhyay

A timely intervention as higher education in India begins to pay equal importance to ‘Quality, alongside Access and Equity’. 

Indian higher education is the third largest in the world. It is undergoing unprecedented expansion and reforms. Yet, no Indian university figures among the ‘World’s Top 100!’ The problem lies primarily with the quality of higher education. This book serves as a quality management guide for the heads of colleges and universities, focusing on issues, techniques and improvement at the institutional level. In building up a sound framework, it effectively combines generic methods and techniques with specific mechanisms of quality assurance for in-campus activities such as curriculum planning, teaching learning processes, human resource management, infrastructure management and information and communication technologies. The author’s expertise as a management scientist, trainer of heads of higher education institutes and experience of institution building gives the book an extra edge.